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my secrets for a buck.

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ew ashley simpson. i saw one episode of her show on thursday and hate her. she's so whiney and fake! she's been smoking since she was like 2 months old, i swear. and maybe she is a good songwriter, but i couldn't tell because her voice is always cracking like a 5th grade boy's.

^ i read your xanga :]
I probably wouldn't like her if it wasn't for her being Jessica Simpson's sister, like Jessica Simpson is so retarded that i love her little sister in comparison. Ashlee actually swears like a normal person instead of pretending like she doesn't know there are different types of condoms (the worst episode of Newlyweds, by far).

I= actually going to update this LJ. Or at least make an attempt at it. heh. <33
THE PASSING MOMENT :: Emo Rock From Massacusetts

For fans of : Senses Fail, Spitalfield, Hidden In Plain View


New EP Titled "The Secrets Out" out in Mid July. Including four brand new songs and an acoustic track.

Thank you for Listening.

- The Passing Moment

hey Nikki.
its Kylee.
add me.
your added.
Hey there.
I ran across your journal, and you seem pretty cool.
And by the looks of your icon your gorgeous.

May I add.
Add back?
I added you! aww & thanks for the compliment. you're so pretty!

Hey, prettyface! I was wondering why you don't update cleverlines anymore, lol. Found this link on yer Xanga... Add me?
<3 aww thanks!
whoa. I totally forgot about cleverlines... haha.
I'm gonna go add you right now.
your pretty

and you like what i do, so that makes you extremly awesome.

add me?
you like the Spice Girls and TBS so that makes you extremely awesome. added you =)
umm you're hawt, add me?


August 2 2004, 16:46:58 UTC 12 years ago


add me?
Hi there, I'm Claire.

- You seem like a friendly person. Is alright if I add you? You wrote a nice comment to me towards my application in the i_am_emo_sex community. I just wanted to say thanks and that you're sweet. =)

P.s.: Good judgement. I'm not very emo. It was a random apply.
uhm, i added u, so add me if u like! uhm, yah,so laterdayz!
Will you add me?
I saw your app. in a community we are in.
YOu are drop dead gorgeous.
Hello there,

I am one of the mods in i_am_emo_sex, a community you are also a part of. I am writing to you because recently one of our members has suffered a great loss when she suddenly lost her boyfriend on the night of October 12th 2004. She is going through a very difficult time as you can imagine, and in times like these you need all of the love you can get. We are asking all of the members of the community to put in some time to show this girl that we care. We are making a card for her as a community. We are asking that you make a small icon of about 100x100 pixels (the size of your L J icon)to represent anything you deem appropriate. And we do mean appropriate here please, as well a small note for her is welcomed. We thank you for considering doing this and we hope you can help us! When you are done, please send your icon to:

The girls name is Marie.

Thank you again for helping out!

<3 Brandi, and I_Am_Emo_Sex
heyy it's sean (xnothing_specialx). i don't really use this cept to read.. so if you wanna add me, cooler, and if not, cool too i guess. laterr.
hey you are beautiful join this

add back okay?
You seem cool, and from the looks of your icon you're extremely pretty.
Add me?